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Cupcake Apron

March 20th, 2008

For all you cupcake fanatics out there! Here’s an adorable cupcake print apron by Jessie Steele. It’s so cute and I love the bow details.


March 19th, 2008

So, to my surprise the Easter Bunny came early this year! My boyfriend was nice great enough to buy me those Bonnat Chocolate Eggs I kept talking on and on about. I was ecstatic when I saw the Dean & DeLuca package right before me. As promised in my last post that upon receiving these eggs I will love the giver forever and so yes I will love you forever! Thank you!!!! You’ve made this girl very happy and also filled with lots of chocolate and hazelnut praline. So about these eggs, how good are they you ask? Because they better be damn good if they cost $55 for six eggs! My answer to that question is they were delicious and everything I expected them to be. Good quality chocolate and the hazelnut praline filling was so creamy. YUM! Now that I think about how yummy these eggs were, I feel silly for ever believing that Cadbury cream filled eggs were the best chocolate eggs. Sadly, I feel a little disgusted by the thought of that overly sweet cream filling and milk chocolate shell. Not only did the Bonnat eggs taste great, but the whole process of getting to the highly anticipated confection was pretty fun. I enjoyed taking the brown egg from its egg crate and cracking and peeling the shell away. To my surprise it was really easy to peel and within a few seconds I was already biting into it. So, here’s wishing all of you a Happy Easter and hopefully some Bonnat Chocolate Eggs in your basket this year!

Love Treats

March 19th, 2008

I know February is long gone and Valentine’s Day seemed like ages ago, but I finally uploaded pictures of some V-day treats I made for my valentine <3 I found these large pink strawberry flavored marshmallows at the market and decided to make pink rice krispie treats. To make it extra chessy, I made them into hearts and sprinkled some heart sprinkles for some added flare. They turned out pretty well. I was worried that the marshmallows would have a disgustingly artificial strawberry flavor, but the berry flavor was pretty mellow and a nice change to the original rice krispie treats. And how did my valentine like them? Well, let's just say he ate the entire plate of treats in one night.


March 5th, 2008

I MUST have these: Bonnat Chocolate Eggs. Wow, real brown eggshells lined with dark chocolate and filled with hazelnut praline?!? If you filled these in my easter basket I would love you forever. But, who’s willing to shell out $55 for a box of 6 eggs plus the required next day shipping which comes to a total of $65.95! Now, that’s just ridiculous and heartbreaking for me. I’d be willing to buy one egg, but unfortunately that’s not an option. Anyone willing to split a box or buy it for me?