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m&m’s Go White!

August 30th, 2006

I didn’t see this coming, but m&m’s now have a brand new version of their shiny candy coated chocolate pieces…white chocolate m&m’s! Personally, I am a huge dark chocolate fan and when the dark chocolate m&m’s came out last year for the Star Wars movie I was absolutely thrilled. So, I could just imagine how excited all the white chocolate lovers out there must be about this. These white chocolate m&m’s were released in conjunction with the new Pirates of the Carribean movie and fittingly dubbed “Pirate Pearls”. I’m going to keep a look out for these pearls and grab a bag before all those white chocolate loving pirates snatch them all.

Peanut Butter Jelly Time!

August 28th, 2006

I love uncrustables…if you havent heard about these little pockets of goodness, you’re missing out. Uncrustables are circular sandwich cutouts with lots of ooey gooey peanut butter and jelly sealed safely inside. They come frozen and all you have to do is thaw and tada you have an instant PB&J sandwich with no crusts! I haven’t had one in a while and it seems as though Smucker’s has expanded their uncrustables line. They now have PB & honey on wheat and grilled cheese uncrustables! I’m cant wait to try the grilled cheese uncrustables, they look pretty good. As for the PB & honey, I’ve never tried that kind of combination before, but it sounds interesting.

For those of you who would rather make your own versions at home, the cut-n-seal from the pampered chef can help speed the process.

Coffee or Tea?

August 28th, 2006

I love these heart-shaped sugar cubes from Sur la Table:

These sugar cubes would be great to hang on the rims of these anamorphic cups and saucers:

The Puppysitters Club

August 23rd, 2006

Today, I’m puppysitting a 3 month old cocker spaniel named Izzy. Her owner, who is my close friend, is in Europe for 2 1/2 weeks and Izzy’s regular puppysitters(Jessica’s roommates) are all busy today with either work or golf tournaments. Right now, Izzy is completely passed out on the floor, probably because she’s had too much fun playing with all of our cats toys. Yes, she was playing with cat toys (a tiny pink furry ball and some string). Unfortunately, we don’t have any dog toys since we have 2 cats in this household, one of which is completely disturbed and insists on peeing everywhere and the other is completely introverted. This is why I love dogs. This is why they’re called “Man’s Best Friend”! They need you and you need them…there’s a connection, a love for one another. It’s really great! Cats on the other hand could care less if you leave or die. Just as long as they have they’re litter box and maybe some meow mix, they don’t need anything or anyone else. Maybe my views are a little biased, ok, ok maybe really biased since I haven’t had any good experiences with cats:

Example#1: Coming home one day, I find that the neurotic cat had pissed on my shirt and bag.

Example#2: The next day I find a little present near my desk, a nice pile of shit.

I honestly think that the cat did that to spite me, for what I don’t know…but I could see it in his eyes. Call me crazy for thinking the cat is out to get me, but what kind of cat attacks people out of nowhere and deliberately pees on a shirt and bag (why couldn’t he have chosen the carpet)? Maybe I’ll never find out why, but this just makes me love dogs even more and I would much rather puppysit than kittysit any day.

Williams-Sonoma, my love

August 21st, 2006

I must admit, I am a crepe fanatic. I love the thin delicate crepes, that can be filled with anything that your heart desires…nutella, strawberries, chocolate, bananas, whip cream, cheese, mushrooms, chicken, and the list can go on for eternity. I’ve been eyeing this Williams-Sonoma electric crepe maker for a while. For $160, I can have the pleasure of pretending I’m in Paris making crepes in my own kitchen. I just love that idea!

The Search Begins

August 21st, 2006

I need a new bag/purse. I’ve had to retire my lovely white Melie Bianco hobo bag, the fake leather started peeling off and the bright white started to fade to a dingy yellow. It’s really hard to find a good nicely designed bag, with lots of room, and reasonably priced. Lately, I’ve been looking around, but no luck. Every decent bag at the mall cost at least $200-$400 and up. Another essential that I’ve been looking for are sunglasses. Finding cute quality sunglasses comes at a steep price as well, starting at around $150 and up. Since when did these basic everyday things become so pricey? Jeans are hard to come by too…not only is it hard to shop for jeans, but they have become so expensive! As for now, I’ll just have to keep searching for that cant beat bargin, let’s just hope I have luck and lots of sales on my side.

Searching for:
1. White bag/purse – lots of room, cute, quality, good price (less than$100)

2. Black Sunglasses – not oversized, fits a round face well, and not made out of cheap plastic

3. Jeans – good length (for petite people like me), preferrably dark wash, and reasonably priced

Back to Life…

August 14th, 2006

I’m finally back from all my worldly travels (San Francisco and Canada). It feels good to be back, after living out of my suitcase for awhile. So far, things are still busy for me, I havent gotten the chance to just relax and have a day for myself. There’s so many things I want do…go to the gym, go shopping, watch a movie, swim, go to the beach, hang out with my friends, and spend more time with my boyfriend…but with the way that my schedule is I think I’d be passed out everyday if I tried to fit in too many things. For now, I’ll just take things day by day.

Moving on, San Francisco was fun…to some it all up, we ate a LOT of food. Duck Confit with manderin oranges at the Butterfly restaurant was probably the most memorable and delicious. The trip to Canada was comprised of lots of eating as well, ranging from eating Buffalo wings and pizza in Buffalo, N.Y. to Canadian Bacon for breakfast. I honestly think that people should lose weight before traveling…maybe around 10 pounds, just so they can enjoy and not feel so bad about all the food they’re eating. I just wish I had taken my own advise, because as of this moment I still feel full.

Off to Maple Syrup Land

August 1st, 2006

Tomorrow, I’ll be leaving for Canada to spend an entire week with my fellow Canadian relatives. I love Canada, even though it seems like there isn’t much to do there, especially when the whole city closes at 8pm. But hey, they have great maple syrup and they have an awesome view of Niagara Falls.

So, I’ll be flying on Air Canada and according to my Uncle Al, they no longer serve free food on the plane. You have to purchase whatever crappy airplane food they have which makes it seem less appetizing. Who wants to actually have to buy crappy airplane food? I was thinking about what kind of food I wanted to pack for the plane…Subway? Quizno’s? Or I could just go all out and pack a nice juicy steak and have everyone on the plane salivate while they eat their peanuts. Haha, it seems like a fun idea.