2006 Sep 6

Farwell, Boston Creme Pie

Posted in dessert

So, the other day I went to Marie Callendar’s with a few friends to have lunch and also to make use of my birthday club freebie (see previous post). I ordered my favorite, artichoke and mushroom chicken …this is a dish everyone must try! It’s chicken breast on top of a bed of rice covered with this great creamy sauce with plenty of sliced mushrooms and artichokes. When it came around to dessert time, I ordered a slice of my favorite, boston creme pie, but as soon as I said my order to the waitress, she immediately gave me a what the hell are you talking about, you must be crazy look. I repeated my order again, thinking that she must have just heard me wrong and then she tells me that they dont have that kind of pie. I tell her that there must be some mistake because I always order this particular pie here, and so she tells me that she’ll ask just incase she was misinformed. She comes back and tells me the worst possible news, they don’t make boston creme pies anymore and they dont know if or when they might carry it again. So, I just settled with a chocolate silk pie and with every bite, I thought to myself it’s just not the same.

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