2006 Sep 18

Every Once In Awhile Italian

Posted in cooking, dessert

So, my boyfriend and I decided to find a recipe on the Food Network website and become iron chefs for a day. We settled on a chicken carbonara recipe from Giada De Laurentiis. Giada hosts the show Everday Italian, where she prepares and cooks some of the most appetizing and delicious Italian or Roman dishes. This show is definitely my favorite, especially because she actually makes food that looks and tastes great, and she’s not corny or prone to making strange faces like someone else on the food network (hint: this particular chef likes to say “Yum-O” repeatedly on their show, making me want to shoot myself). Moving on, our chicken carbonara turned out great! We halved the recipe and added some sliced mushrooms to make it even better, and in the end we gave it a 5-star rating!

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