2008 Aug 2

Kitchen Gadgets

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Just found some cool kitchen gadgets by Chef’n.

GarlicZoom– I have a garlic press and it never seems to work well because the garlic just gets stuck and doesn’t squeeze out those tiny holes well, but this wheelie seems like it would be a great alternate. Just pop a clove in and wheel it around like you would with hot wheels. Here’s the demo.

VeggieChop– I don’t have a veggie chopper yet, but this one seems cool because it doesn’t require any electricity or batteries…all you have to do is pull the handle. It’s sort of like cranking up your lawn mower or chainsaw…but then again I’ve never done either so I probably don’t know what I’m talking about haha. Here’s the video demo for the VeggieChop incase I’m confusing you guys.

Emulstir– This gadget I definitely want. I’ve been meaning to make my own vinaigrette salad dressing at home, but I always opted not to because I never had any empty bottles to store it in for future use, but now this gadget lets me make it and store it in one! There’s no demo video for this gadget, but basically you put your ingredients in the bottle, press down the lever and the green stick inside stirs it all up for you.

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