2009 Jul 13

Sprinkles Truck

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Move over Kogi, here comes the Sprinkles Truck! Exciting news for those of you in the LA/OC area who are not fortunate enough to have a Sprinkles store nearby. The Sprinkles Mobile will be making stops around LA and in the very near future it will add Orange County to that list. How can you find out the exact locations? Twitter of course! However, customers will have to pay a bit more to get their cupcake fix, $4.00 for an individual cupcake (75 cents more than what you pay at the Sprinkles store). Now, if only we could get a Dessert Truck here.

Onto other Sprinkles news, they have some intriguing flavors for the summer: Key Lime, Summer Cherry, Raspberry, Almond Dark Chocolate, and Vanilla Hazelnut Chocolate. Each of the flavors will be featured on different dates during the summer, so check their website for more info. I am definitely marking my calendar for the Raspberry cupcake, Aug 7-16!

Sprinkles Mobile

Sprinkles Mobile (image via Fast Food Maven)

Raspberry Cupcakes (image via Sprinkles)

Raspberry Cupcakes (image via Sprinkles)


  1. Susie said,

    July 14, 2009 8:21 pm

    Kristin, you have to try the vanilla hazelnut chocolate cupcake for me! Ahh… I wish there was a Sprinkles here.

  2. iheartdessert said,

    July 15, 2009 12:04 am

    I will definitely try those too! They look so good!

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