2006 Aug 1

Off to Maple Syrup Land

Posted in travels

Tomorrow, I’ll be leaving for Canada to spend an entire week with my fellow Canadian relatives. I love Canada, even though it seems like there isn’t much to do there, especially when the whole city closes at 8pm. But hey, they have great maple syrup and they have an awesome view of Niagara Falls.

So, I’ll be flying on Air Canada and according to my Uncle Al, they no longer serve free food on the plane. You have to purchase whatever crappy airplane food they have which makes it seem less appetizing. Who wants to actually have to buy crappy airplane food? I was thinking about what kind of food I wanted to pack for the plane…Subway? Quizno’s? Or I could just go all out and pack a nice juicy steak and have everyone on the plane salivate while they eat their peanuts. Haha, it seems like a fun idea.

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