2006 Aug 14

Back to Life…

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I’m finally back from all my worldly travels (San Francisco and Canada). It feels good to be back, after living out of my suitcase for awhile. So far, things are still busy for me, I havent gotten the chance to just relax and have a day for myself. There’s so many things I want do…go to the gym, go shopping, watch a movie, swim, go to the beach, hang out with my friends, and spend more time with my boyfriend…but with the way that my schedule is I think I’d be passed out everyday if I tried to fit in too many things. For now, I’ll just take things day by day.

Moving on, San Francisco was fun…to some it all up, we ate a LOT of food. Duck Confit with manderin oranges at the Butterfly restaurant was probably the most memorable and delicious. The trip to Canada was comprised of lots of eating as well, ranging from eating Buffalo wings and pizza in Buffalo, N.Y. to Canadian Bacon for breakfast. I honestly think that people should lose weight before traveling…maybe around 10 pounds, just so they can enjoy and not feel so bad about all the food they’re eating. I just wish I had taken my own advise, because as of this moment I still feel full.

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