2006 Aug 21

The Search Begins

Posted in shopping

I need a new bag/purse. I’ve had to retire my lovely white Melie Bianco hobo bag, the fake leather started peeling off and the bright white started to fade to a dingy yellow. It’s really hard to find a good nicely designed bag, with lots of room, and reasonably priced. Lately, I’ve been looking around, but no luck. Every decent bag at the mall cost at least $200-$400 and up. Another essential that I’ve been looking for are sunglasses. Finding cute quality sunglasses comes at a steep price as well, starting at around $150 and up. Since when did these basic everyday things become so pricey? Jeans are hard to come by too…not only is it hard to shop for jeans, but they have become so expensive! As for now, I’ll just have to keep searching for that cant beat bargin, let’s just hope I have luck and lots of sales on my side.

Searching for:
1. White bag/purse – lots of room, cute, quality, good price (less than$100)

2. Black Sunglasses – not oversized, fits a round face well, and not made out of cheap plastic

3. Jeans – good length (for petite people like me), preferrably dark wash, and reasonably priced

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