2006 Aug 23

The Puppysitters Club

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Today, I’m puppysitting a 3 month old cocker spaniel named Izzy. Her owner, who is my close friend, is in Europe for 2 1/2 weeks and Izzy’s regular puppysitters(Jessica’s roommates) are all busy today with either work or golf tournaments. Right now, Izzy is completely passed out on the floor, probably because she’s had too much fun playing with all of our cats toys. Yes, she was playing with cat toys (a tiny pink furry ball and some string). Unfortunately, we don’t have any dog toys since we have 2 cats in this household, one of which is completely disturbed and insists on peeing everywhere and the other is completely introverted. This is why I love dogs. This is why they’re called “Man’s Best Friend”! They need you and you need them…there’s a connection, a love for one another. It’s really great! Cats on the other hand could care less if you leave or die. Just as long as they have they’re litter box and maybe some meow mix, they don’t need anything or anyone else. Maybe my views are a little biased, ok, ok maybe really biased since I haven’t had any good experiences with cats:

Example#1: Coming home one day, I find that the neurotic cat had pissed on my shirt and bag.

Example#2: The next day I find a little present near my desk, a nice pile of shit.

I honestly think that the cat did that to spite me, for what I don’t know…but I could see it in his eyes. Call me crazy for thinking the cat is out to get me, but what kind of cat attacks people out of nowhere and deliberately pees on a shirt and bag (why couldn’t he have chosen the carpet)? Maybe I’ll never find out why, but this just makes me love dogs even more and I would much rather puppysit than kittysit any day.

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