2006 Nov 19

Nothing Could Be Sweeter than Cupcakes & Crepes!

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I know I’ve been MIA for awhile, but I’m back and I come barring cupcakes and crepes! So, to fill in what I’ve been up to for the month in a half that I’ve been gone:
1) Classes started
2) I burnt my hand with hot scalding water giving me my first second degree burn…yay for me!
3) I’ve just been too busy juggling everything that unfortunately my blog suffers for it
Luckily, I’ve still been able to experiment with culinary confections. For Halloween, I made my famously delicious chocolate cupcakes with vanilla bean frosting and recently I’ve been obsessed with making crepes with different types of fillings. I made some savory crepes with chicken, mushroom, and spinach in a creme sauce and sweet crepes with nutella, bananas, and of course whip cream. One day I hope to own my very own professional crepe maker, then making crepes can be easier and faster to make!

My lovely pink KitchenAid

Chocolaty and moist

Before – plain and lonely

After-all jazzed up and ready to be eaten! YUM!

Collage time!

Savory Crepe- chicken, mushroom, & spinach

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