2006 Nov 21

Contain My Clutter

Posted in life, shopping

Today, I began my new goal: reorganize my clutter. I dont know how it happens, but everything in my room turns to clutter. My desk gets cluttered, my closet gets cluttered, my drawers get cluttered, anything and everything gets cluttered. I believe that there is a clutter magnet attached to everything I own. I know, I know, I know…its my fault. Probably cause I dont pick up after myself right away, I usually let it pile up until I cant stand it anymore. Its such a devasting diease…this thing called clutterness. Signs and symptoms are desks with only a few inches of workspace, drawers where socks cannot be found, and headaches from not being able to locate an item that you had in your hand 5 minutes ago. I’ve never been to the container store, but something tells me that this is what the doctor would order.

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