2008 Jun 3

Parmesan Chicken

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Tonight, I made this quick and very easy parmesan chicken (recipe courtesy of Barefoot Contessa from the Food Network). I found the recipe last night and it got a 5-star review from almost everyone that made this dish, so I thought I’d give it a shot. The prep-work was so easy and the chicken was cooked in no time! One thing about this parmesan chicken is that its not your traditional Italian parmesan chicken with marinara sauce. This chicken is breaded with bread crumbs and parmesan cheese, pan fried, then topped with fresh salad greens with a lemon vinaigrette. I was really surprised that the greens with the vinaigrette paired really well with the chicken. If you do try this recipe it’s important to note that you should eat the chicken with the greens on top (rather than just a side salad) because it really makes this dish.

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  1. Natala said,

    November 11, 2008 4:31 am

    Good for people to know.

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