2008 Jun 4

Giant Cupcake Pan Dilemma

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Ok, so I just found out that Williams Sonoma has come out with a new item…The Great Cupcake Pan! Essentially it’s exactly them same as Wilton’s Giant Cupcake pan except for the cupcake top which is a little different in design and the price. Wilton’s pan has a more rounded top, while Williams Sonoma has a very swirly top and as for the price, Wilton beats Sonoma by just more than a few dollars. You can buy Wilton’s pan at Target for $27, but Sonoma has you paying a hefty price of $35! So, usually I would just go and buy the cheaper version, but this got me thinking…there must be a reason for the $35 price tag…the brand, the quality, but what else??? I need to know if I should buy the the expensive one over the cheap one. Can anyone tell me their reviews about the Wilton cupcake pan? Or if anyone has already bought the Williams Sonoma one, let me know your reviews too! Any help would be greatly appreciated to end this dilemma! Thanks!

Williams Sonoma – The Great Cupcake Pan

Wilton’s – Giant Cupcake Pan

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  1. Tammy said,

    June 18, 2008 2:05 pm

    The Wilton pan is AWESOME!!! My friend has it and everyone goes crazy for the cakes at parties. My husband bought me the Nordicware pan for my birthday and I hate it. The bake out is awful!! The bottom half is a lot smaller than the top. I wish I had the Wilton pan. It is a better design, better quality for a better price!!!

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