2009 Dec 16

Top Chef at Home

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Now you can create Top Chef-like dishes at home with your very own SousVide machine! As seen on the reality show Top Chef and used by renowned chefs, the SousVide machine is a innovative way to cook your food and lock in its flavor. The SousVide Supreme (available at Sur La Table) is a water oven that cooks vacuum sealed food at low temperatures. Supposedly, you can achieve “perfect flavor everytime”, but don’t expect your meal to come out exactly like a Michelin Star restaurants’. I would definitely be wary of buying such an expensive machine without having the proper knowledge and experience in using it. This would be an awesome Christmas gift for hardcore cooks, but unless it came with some culinary classes or a private lesson with Thomas Keller I would definitely think twice about splurging on this baby.

Want more info? Check out the NY Times Article about the SousVide Supreme and Cooking Sous Vide is a website dedicated to cooking sous vide for home cooks.

Sous Vide Supreme

(image via Sur La Table)

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