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Sad Day

July 1st, 2008

I have a couple things to rant about…

1. I went to Corner Bakery the other week, I hadn’t been there for a while so I was looking forward to it and especially looking forward to getting a dream bar (aka seven layer bar – pretty much a dessert bar that has everything on it…choco chips, butterscotch chips, coconut, graham crackers)with my sandwich, but when I got there they said they don’t make them anymore! WTF!?! I felt just as sad that day as when I found out Marie Callendar’s had stopped making their Boston Cream Pie. I don’t understand how they come about to deciding that they’re going to stop making these desserts. The dream bar was good and so was the boston cream pie! So why do you guys always take away the desserts I like?

2. I went to Panera today and I decided to get a Cinnamon Crunch bagel with some cream cheese and when I looked at my receipt they charged me $1.50 for cream cheese! A little puny 2 oz container of cream cheese…50 cents I understand, but $1.50?!? The cream cheese cost more than my freakin’ bagel…ridiculous.

Long Time No Blog

June 3rd, 2008

My apologies for not blogging for an entire month…I’ve been away, well actually I was on vacation for 2 weeks. But, the week before I left, I was busy packing and getting ready and it took me another week to back into the swing of things. So, I guess that accounts for the whole month I’ve been absent here. So, this week I’ve decided to go on a baking frenzy. I’m planning to make a variety of things that I’ve been wanting to make for a while now such as scones, red velvet cupcakes, and creme brulee. Update about the torch: I have not bought a torch yet, but that’s on my to-do list this week, so keep an eye out for my post about that.

Happy New Year!

January 4th, 2008

2008!?! Wow, time flies by so quickly! I hope your New Year is starting off nicely, sadly my first day this year didn’t go so smoothly. So, here’s a recap of my New Years Day: I fell down the stairs, but I managed to not injure myself severely (last time I fell down the stairs, I sprained my ankle). So far my whole body has been sore, especially my neck. Later on the same day, I almost got into a car accident because some kid was on his cell phone and tried to merge into my lane without looking. I can’t wait until July 1st…(for those of your who are out of state, July 1st is the official day when California drivers cannot use their cellphones while driving). I really do feel like the roads will be safer, without idiots on their phones all the time and not paying attention.

On to baking news, or well this is news to me. I just found out that dragees (those little edible metallic balls you decorate with) are illegal in California! This completely explains why I never saw them in stores the last few years. I remember looking for them at Sur la Table and a few big name craft stores, but I never bothered to ask. I just assumed you could only get them at specialty baking stores. Apparently they’ve been illegal since 2003, because someone filed a lawsuit claiming that dragees are considered toxic since they contain trace amounts of metal. But, seriously you would have to eat millions of them before anything happens…toxic or not I still want to use them…

Long Time No Blog

September 18th, 2007

Sorry, for the long absence! Life, traveling, and the death of my laptop have kept me pretty busy. So, I just got a new laptop a couple days ago! Thanks to my boyfriend I am now the proud owner of an HP Pavilion Verve Special Edition dv2550se notebook. I fell in love with the design when I first saw it, and its only available at BestBuy. Some of the special perks about this laptop: nice sleek design, built in webcam, comes with a remote that fits inside the laptop, extended life battery, and it has light scribe disc labeling. Oh and of course, Windows Vista! I like the new Vista, but its definitely going to take a little while to get used to.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

July 26th, 2007

Don’t worry there are no spoilers in this entry! I just finished the final book of the Harry Potter series the other night and as much as liked reading how everything happens in the end, I couldn’t help but feel a little sad that there wouldn’t be anymore books. I’ve been reading Harry Potter since highschool and now it feels like a chapter has ended in my life as well. Funny, how it makes you feel like its the end of an era. But, anyway if you haven’t read any of the books, I suggest you do! At least for now, I can still look forward to the rest of the Harry potter movies. Yay!

Contain My Clutter

November 21st, 2006

Today, I began my new goal: reorganize my clutter. I dont know how it happens, but everything in my room turns to clutter. My desk gets cluttered, my closet gets cluttered, my drawers get cluttered, anything and everything gets cluttered. I believe that there is a clutter magnet attached to everything I own. I know, I know, I know…its my fault. Probably cause I dont pick up after myself right away, I usually let it pile up until I cant stand it anymore. Its such a devasting diease…this thing called clutterness. Signs and symptoms are desks with only a few inches of workspace, drawers where socks cannot be found, and headaches from not being able to locate an item that you had in your hand 5 minutes ago. I’ve never been to the container store, but something tells me that this is what the doctor would order.

Super Sweet 22!

September 14th, 2006

It’s that time of the year again, my birthday! Happy birthday to me and all the other September 14 babies around the world! So, how old am I? 22. It’s an odd age to be, you’ve already surpassed all the ages where the law hereby states that you are old enough to do certain things, watched R-rated movies, officially become an adult, drink alcohol, gamble, and whatever else I missed. When I was little I would start singing the Happy Birthday song to myself a good three months before my birthday. My birthday was always something to look forward to when I was younger. I couldn’t wait to celebrate my birthday, have a party, eat cake, and most of all open my presents! Now, in the back of my mind I don’t look forward to my birthday as much, mostly because of the “getting older” part, but hey it’s life and 22 isn’t so bad, we’re still young or that’s what people older than you say haha. Now off to feast, drink, and be merry!

September Baby Boom

September 13th, 2006

Seems like everyone’s birthday is in September…in one week I have already celebrated two birthdays, mine is coming up very soon (too soon), and another birthday is coming up next week. Although celebrating birthdays is a always a joyous occasion, it can get pretty exhausting especially when all your friends have birthdays close to one another. So many parties to attend, dinners to eat, and alcoholic beverages to drink. But in the end, no matter how many birthdays there are to attend, celebrating with friends and having a great time is always worth the overstuffed bellies and the morning after hangovers.

The Puppysitters Club

August 23rd, 2006

Today, I’m puppysitting a 3 month old cocker spaniel named Izzy. Her owner, who is my close friend, is in Europe for 2 1/2 weeks and Izzy’s regular puppysitters(Jessica’s roommates) are all busy today with either work or golf tournaments. Right now, Izzy is completely passed out on the floor, probably because she’s had too much fun playing with all of our cats toys. Yes, she was playing with cat toys (a tiny pink furry ball and some string). Unfortunately, we don’t have any dog toys since we have 2 cats in this household, one of which is completely disturbed and insists on peeing everywhere and the other is completely introverted. This is why I love dogs. This is why they’re called “Man’s Best Friend”! They need you and you need them…there’s a connection, a love for one another. It’s really great! Cats on the other hand could care less if you leave or die. Just as long as they have they’re litter box and maybe some meow mix, they don’t need anything or anyone else. Maybe my views are a little biased, ok, ok maybe really biased since I haven’t had any good experiences with cats:

Example#1: Coming home one day, I find that the neurotic cat had pissed on my shirt and bag.

Example#2: The next day I find a little present near my desk, a nice pile of shit.

I honestly think that the cat did that to spite me, for what I don’t know…but I could see it in his eyes. Call me crazy for thinking the cat is out to get me, but what kind of cat attacks people out of nowhere and deliberately pees on a shirt and bag (why couldn’t he have chosen the carpet)? Maybe I’ll never find out why, but this just makes me love dogs even more and I would much rather puppysit than kittysit any day.

Back to Life…

August 14th, 2006

I’m finally back from all my worldly travels (San Francisco and Canada). It feels good to be back, after living out of my suitcase for awhile. So far, things are still busy for me, I havent gotten the chance to just relax and have a day for myself. There’s so many things I want do…go to the gym, go shopping, watch a movie, swim, go to the beach, hang out with my friends, and spend more time with my boyfriend…but with the way that my schedule is I think I’d be passed out everyday if I tried to fit in too many things. For now, I’ll just take things day by day.

Moving on, San Francisco was fun…to some it all up, we ate a LOT of food. Duck Confit with manderin oranges at the Butterfly restaurant was probably the most memorable and delicious. The trip to Canada was comprised of lots of eating as well, ranging from eating Buffalo wings and pizza in Buffalo, N.Y. to Canadian Bacon for breakfast. I honestly think that people should lose weight before traveling…maybe around 10 pounds, just so they can enjoy and not feel so bad about all the food they’re eating. I just wish I had taken my own advise, because as of this moment I still feel full.